Haruo Noma

Expert Virtual Reality / Haptic interface / Locomotion interface / Tactile sensor /
MEMS / FPGA/ Wearable / Ubiquitous

Course Physical Computing Course

College of Information Science and Engineering

Ritsumeikan University

Theme Virtual Reality, Human Interface


We needs to change ourselves through media technology. In the theme park, guests will enjoy a virtual world generated by the state of art VR technology. The movie "Matrix" drew that the hero experienced the virtual ordinary life in the world constructed by computer nerve junction technology. I can say that media technology can free our curiosity from many physical limitations, like movies.
In the Media Experience Design Laboratory, we are targeting a variety of fields such as medical care, nursing care, transportation, education, and games, and we have been investigating and developing service of the media that is truly useful and solve real problems. We will go out in the field first and observe the problem in society of fact and try to understand it. We will continue to study what we feel through media experience and what media is required to improve our real life.

PhD of Eng in Graduate School of Engineering Science, University of Tsukuba, April 1989-1994
B.E. in College of Engineering Science, University of Tsukuba, April 1985-1989


Professor: College of Information Science and Engineering, Ritsumeikan University (2013 - Present)

Visiting Researcher: Worcester Polytechnic Institute (2013)

Group Leader: Smart Tactile Device Lab, ATR Knowledge Science Labs, 2006-2012

Senior Researcher: Knowledge Input & Output Lab, ATR Knowledge Science Labs, 2006-Presnt

Senior Researcher: ATR Media Information Science Labs, 2001-2006

Researcher: ATR Media Integration & Communications Research Labs, 1996-2001

Researcher: ATR Communication Science Research Labs, 1994-1996