How to Remo Login

Login to Remo

The First Screen


When you jump Link to Remo, this page is display. If this is your first Remo, you need to login to Remo. Click "sign-in" on top right corner.

Login or Sign up to Remo


When you jump to the Login screen, you must first log in or sign in. If you have a Google account, you can log in with that account. Click on the Google icon on the left. If you don't have a Google account or don't want to use it, click "Sign up" in the box on the right and create a Remo account.

Sign Up as Remo account


To create a Remo account, enter the items displayed on the right and create a Remo account.

Enter meeting area !

Login が完了したら、左の画面の ”今すぐイベントに参加しましょう”をクリックして、イベントフロアに移動しなさい。

After login is completed, click "Join the event now" on the left screen to move to the event floor.

Welcome OpenLab event!


Welcome to the OpenLab floor. There are tables on the floor, and faculty members and students belonging to the laboratory sit at each table. Click on the table to have a conversation like an ordinary online conference, so feel free to talk. On the upper left screen is a lab introduction video. Please use each one.